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This was filmed in Puerto Rico late in 2019. I had the opportunity to travel down there through my new friends (check them out link below). Me and @Jordan Temkin got to go down together and had some awesome adventures through PR – it was a short trip, but one that I’ll remember for a long time to come. I definitely hope to go back soon, and I definitely hope to actually bring my wife along this time and maybe make a bit of a vacation out of it. MORE TO COME!

If you didn’t know, I’ve been streaming on Twitch almost every day! It’s been a lot of fun be sure to come check it out!

Check out my new friend (that invited me down to PR):

Learn to build the exact drone used to film this video:

Full parts list on this drone with affiliate links:
Flight Controller:
ESC: Hobbywing 60a —
Video Transmitter:
Frame: Project 399 SuperG —
Camera :
Lipo: CNHL Ministar 6s —
Prop: Azure 5150 —
Extra Thumb Screw Standoffs:
Thumb Screw Locks for the top of flight controller:

DJI Products with this Drone:
Get Started with DJI: —
DJI but I want my own radio: —
DJI Receiver Directional Antennas: TrueRC Patch for DJI — (requires 2, not necessary, but amazing)
DJI Receiver Omni Antennas: TrueRC Stubby Singularity — (purchase 1, comes with 4)

Other Peripherals:
Goggles: Fatshark HDO —
DJI Goggles: DJI Goggles and 2 Air Units —
Goggle Receiver Module: IMRC Rapidfire —
Goggle DVR Accessory: IMRC Powerplay —
Goggle Battery Replacement: 18500 Batteries — (go in powerplay)
Radio: Taranis 9XD —
TBS Crossfire : TBS Crossfire —
Patch Antenna : TrueRC MX2 Patch Antenna —
Omni Antenna: TrueRC Matchstick Long –
FPV Bag: Think Tank FPV Airport —
Solder: —
Soldering Iron: TS100 —
Lipo Charger: HOTA 15A —

Drone Camera: GoPro Hero Session 5 //
Drone Camera: GoPro Hero 6 //
Big Main Vlogging Camera: Sony A7III //
Big Main Vlogging Camera Wide Lens: Sony 10-18 //
Big Main Vlogging Camera Long Lens: Sony 85 1.8 //
Mic for Vlogging Camera: Rhode Video Mic Go //
Tripod in the Sky: DJI Mavic //
My awesome Pants:

Ultimate FPV Harddrive:
Western Digital My Wireless Passport Pro

Thanks to each of my sponsors:
China Hobby Line:

Hire my production company, Cinactive Media:
Check out my other videos!
Follow me on Instagram:
Tweet at me on Twitter:

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