Wakeboarding and Long Range Racing Drones


Thanks to Randy Kizer for risking life and limb from getting chopped up by drone blades — check out what he’s got going on at https://www.pirateartdepartment.com/

The rig that this was flown with: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/5796
Clearview for receiver
VTX was on 200mw @ 5.8ghz
TBS Crossfire

GoPro settings: 1080p @ 90 fps, shooting in “W” (Wide mode)
Standard protune color, sharpness turned down
Heavy color correcting to bring out some contrast between the subject and water.

No conformal coating has been done to this drone. We dumped it about 3 times in the making of this video. Pool noodle in the lipo strap prevented sinking.

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