Walkera Runner 250: Racing Drone w FPV Goggles REVIEW

➢ Walkera Runner 250 FPV with Goggles Package: http://goo.gl/RDvVXQ
➢ Advanced GPS Model: http://goo.gl/kmimiF

The Walkera Runner 250 is an RTF (ready to fly), FPV (first person view) racing quad/drone, and you can get a kit that includes the video goggles.

Overall build quality seems pretty legit. Flying is a ton of fun, the quad is very fast and zippy. Top speed is rated around 25 MPH, but I think it can fly a lot faster than that. Flight time is around 10 minutes (reduced with aggressive flying), and RC distance is 1km.

It’s a great 250 quad kit that is already assembled, and out of the box you can be up and flying right away. This is a great quad to learn a lot on drones, modding (features modular design), FPV racing, and practice your skills to become a pro drone racer.

“Flip of Death” Updates: I’ve done more testing and I’m pretty sure this is a real issue! (see Amazon reviews) Not sure if this effects ALL models or just some. It seems the issue is whenever I pull way down on the vertical throttle, between 0-15% (left stick), it falls into a tailspin and won’t recover.. it’s almost like it’s killing power to the motors mid-air, which is just crazy and dangerous. All other quads will descend and keep power to the motors, and stabilize itself, even if throttle is pulled all the way down to 0%.
Not sure if this issue affects their new Advanced GPS model, stay tuned…

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