WHAT is FPV Flight Dynamics? WHO is Christian Mollica? FULL Interview1:08:34

Who is this Christian Mollica guy? What is FPV Flight Dynamics? and what’s so good about it?? We’ll answer that and more in this full interview with Christian Mollica, author and illustrator of “FPV Flight Dynamics: Mastering Acro Mode on High-Performance Drones”

WHERE TO BUY the book:

Get in touch with Christian:
Email: christian@vespula.com

COMMENT BELOW any questions you have for him!

HERE are just a few key points:

00:00 Welcome!

1:36 Who is this book for and how will it help?
9:15 How did you come up with the idea to write this book?
14:32 How did you get into FPV?
29:30 What are your favorite topics in this book?
47:21 Why bother examining FPV technique in such detail?
52:35 Visual Technique concepts for FPV
1:03:38 Do you have flight videos?
1:05:52 Who’s your favorite FPV pilot?

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