Why Investors are Dumping BILLIONS into Drones14:53

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Back in the gold rush days of the mid 1800โ€™s, there was a desperate need to deliver stuff from the East Coast where everything was established, to the new Wild West colonies over in California.

Today, our delivery ecosystem looks a little different. Whatโ€™s a quantum of delivery thatโ€™s smaller than a car and bike, but greater than your feet? And faster and potentially cheaper than both? Drones. Which has led to one of the next great races in engineering. Hereโ€™s everything you need to know – and to profit from – the great drone wars.

Imagine a day when with a few taps on your phone, you order a burger. But instead of some pleb delivering it to your door by โ€œcarโ€, the restaurant places your food on a drone where it flies over to you in a relatively straight line (way faster than driving through traffic). That is the dream of delivery drones. Recently with the FAAโ€™s new ruling, starting early 2021, companies will be able to operate their drones around people and at night with some regulations.

If you can be the first company to make a viable drone delivery system, not only are you gonna have the fastest delivery, but your company is going to get the most press, the most word of mouth, the most hype. But perhaps most importantly, the first movers to get this tech working are going to have a massive head start to scoop up market share, and cement their throne at the top of the hill.

Amazon already has their Prime Air program where theyโ€™re promising small deliveries in 30 minutes or less via their new drone. UPS partnered with CVS and a hospital to target the healthcare industry and have the drone deploy from the top of their delivery trucks to deliver medicine. Alphabet has their own drone startup called Wing. Wing offers them a way to deliver small goods to their local customers exactly when they need it within 6 miles in 6 minutes. Valqari is offering a solution to the last step in the drone delivery process: where the drone is going to land and take off from, and how to secure the packages for the right person.

Electric airplanes havenโ€™t taken off because of one simple limitation – battery capacity. Drones run into a similar problem but to a lesser degree.

Now, the naysayers will always mock new ideas like these as โ€œunrealisticโ€ that โ€œthis could never happenโ€ that โ€œthere are starving children in Africa and you greedy bastards want even faster delivery? Donโ€™t we have a social responsibility to take care of the needy first?โ€ Time will tell. But once that happens, the innovators, the open minded will make money – and the naysayers will be left behind, sucking their thumb.


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