Why We Fly [Rampage] an FPV Documentary23:21

Events like Rotor Riot’s Rampage remind us why FPV is so amazing- from the competition that brings out the best in pilots, to the fun of flying, and the simple joy of being around like minded pilots. Times like these are to be cherished, and remembered. Hopefully you enjoy this little glimpse into First Person View culture.

Huge thanks to the Rotor Riot family for bringing me along for this adventure, and to all the pilots who competed in the Throwdown- thank you! I hope to do a video dedicated to the competition later on.

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Huge shout out to Marc Ruhl for editing this together! Drew, Cricket, and other pilots who’s footage was shown briefly, thank you!

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    1. HippyRich FPV
    2. Creepin FPV
    3. Eric Frickey
    4. Blue Hornet FPV
    5. quad55555
    6. David Owens
    7. MacTheKnife
    8. Strages
    9. Bo Kab FpV
    10. ole gravy leg fpv
    11. Cpt Crunch
    13. Steven Collongues
    14. DJCHAZ FPV
    15. Anthony Porreca
    16. Pile of carbon
    17. Randy Wimer Jr
    18. Randy The FPV Menace
    19. TheBean
    20. Ignis Natus
    21. Vaphual

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