Winter Bikepacking in Canada: Take Me Home Country Roads (November Update 57 of 2020)05:38

Hey everyone, here is a quick update for November 2020, non essential travel is no longer advised in BC so I am back to 2 week+ resupplies between stops and still a little bit to go before stopping for the winter & starting to edit all the new episodes. This particular update would be part of episode ~44 or 45. This video is 4k upscale but if your connection can handle it 4k option will always give you the best quality!

Driftwood Holly’s interpretation of Country Roads by John Denver (in Album Aurora Borealis – I also featured in Episodes 2 and 3.)

I have 50 copies of the song to give away, you can message me on any of my social media accounts or email via (about page has a form). While supplies last 🙂

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