XDC2 – Xtreme Drone Circuit in Las Vegas

Racing at the Zappos HQ in the second event of the Xtreme Drone Circuit!!

Flying with:
Shrike 185
200mw VideoTX http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11_30_33&products_id=4609
1000mAh 4s Rebelminiquads.com
20A little Bee ESCs
2204 2400Kv Motors
hs1177 camera
GoPro Sessions
Creativedex.com session camera mount
DAL 4×4.5×3

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    1. Jason Lucas
    2. awkBOTS
    3. jamestheripper
    4. Jamie Lumsden
    5. Michael Steele
    6. Dacono Rebels
    7. Zachry Thayer (A Nub)
    8. Salty Pinions
    9. StingersSwarm
    10. metalldanny
    11. FPV Fredrikstad
    12. # Muinckadelic FPV
    13. Dan Leffler
    14. hithummah

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