ZMR250 on a workbench – a blast from the past16:40
Maybe it’s not directly from 2015 or 2016, but most components match. Let’s take a look at what was considered a standard mini quad in 2016 based on my ZMR250 with SP Racing F3, FrSky X8R, and Emax Red Bottom 2205 motors. Comparing to how we build FPV drones now, some ideas you will see over here are hilarious!

#quadmeup #FPVdrone #zmr250

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Recommended hardware:

Diatone Roma F4 LR
Pirx Seven Cruiser
Pirx 5 Freestyle

Matek SAM-M8Q
Matek M9N-5883
BN-880 GPS

Flight controllers
Holybro Kakute F7
Matek F722 Wing
Matek F722 SE
Mamba F722S stack

Foxeer T-Rex
Rush Tank VTX
Caddx Tarsier HD camera
GoPro Hero 7 Black

Xiaomi Electric Screwdriver
N1201SA VSWR meter
Uni-T UT210E clamp meter
Uni-T UT373 tachometer

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