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Today lets go back a few years and let’s see how FPV (at least for me) was looking like in 2015 and 2016. Wow… When I watched my old FPV videos from that time I could not belive how bad pilot I was and how superior current hardware as software is. 4 year is a very long period of time in FPV world…

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I also have a full-grow RC website https://quadmeup.com/ you know

Recommended hardware:
Alfa Monster 7 inch http://bit.ly/2Tjd182
BN880 GPS http://bit.ly/2OxW5by
Matek F722 Wing http://bit.ly/2AzlYCZ
Matek F722 SE http://bit.ly/2r5OAPo
Runcam Eagle 2 Pro http://bit.ly/2MXKhmv
BN-180 GPS http://bit.ly/2VqHuSF
ESP32 LORA32 http://bit.ly/2BjG47d

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