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At beautiful Islamabad Aeromodelling Club, we wanted to lure the local hawks out so I could FPV chase them. The best bait was to fly a mini RC Plane. I brought my XK A30 Y20 the 3 channel mini RC Military Cargo plane. Mohammad Haroon who is the care taker of the field and knows the bird very well, flew the XK Y20 to lure the Hawks out while I chased the plane with my BetaFPV 85X HD FPV CineWhoop. This alone brings us amazing nice footage of this beautiful little XK Y20 Mini Military Cargo Plane in flight. And how well this plane flies and performs in the skies.

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We were enjoying the chase for sure and by the time Hawks took our bait and came Chasing the RC Plane and attacking, I was already running low on CineWhoop battery. But still we managed to get this rare footage of I Chasing the RC Plane with Cinewhoop while Wild Hawks chased and attack my whoop. One of the Hawk flew just next to my whoop and I was able to capture this beautiful beast in the skies in his charming glory. Beautiful shot of how the hawk was looking at whoop and how it attacked was captured in HD by CineWhoop. Enjoy the video and slow motion of these beautiful predators of skies.

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