HyperFest 2019 | The Automotive Amusement Park 4K (13)04:00

I’ve always heard about Hyperfest and never had the chance to attend. Recently the owner of the event got in contact about covering the event and I pitched to them the idea of my ideal team and equipment and they trusted in me to follow through and I think the team and I did just that. Anthony Purcell, Mike Koziel, Sam Schwartz, Preston Heatwole, Cody Greenstone, and myself all got together to create a full event coverage plan for Hyperfest and this is the first of 3 recaps you will see from it. For the first time I used a Black Arm and actual chase car to capture car to car footage and OMG it lead to some of the most action packed close quarter shots we have ever created. Huge shout out to our amazing chase car driver, Zach of http://www.sim-seats.com/, whom without his skills none of that would’ve been possible. Thank you to the Hyperfest staff for trusting us to recap your event and allowing us to all work together! Enjoy this first recap and look forward to the other 2 recaps coming soon with even more money shots!

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Filmed By:
Chris Petruccio
Anthony Purcell: https://www.instagram.com/halcyonphoto
Mike Koziel (Main Black Arm Op): https://www.instagram.com/mkoziel
Preston Heatwole: https://www.instagram.com/rhanermediaworks/
Blake Sams (FPV Drone): https://www.instagram.com/nubbfpv/

Sam Schwartz(On Site Editor): https://www.instagram.com/schwaafilms/
Cody Greenstone (Production Assistant): https://www.instagram.com/carsandcody/
Zach McAfee (Chase Car Driver-X5M): https://www.instagram.com/trackzach33/

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