Mamba F405 (Betaflight 4.0.5 target FURYF4OSD) home direction arrow wrong direction00:00

So I made this dvr recording to clarify my issue where the arrow to home points in the wrong direction.

The solution to the problem is here:
And it has been recognized before :

The video shows also another quad with DYS F4 Pro on BF 4.0.4 that doesn’t have this issue at 3:15
My third quad with Matek F722-SE F7 run BF 4.0.5. works correctly, so the difference is in the target FURYF4OSD or possibly in the configuration.
None of them has the magnetic sensors enabled. (FURYF4OSD doesn’t support the one I have)

My stuff:

7-inch build
Alfa Monster 7 inch frame.
Sunnysky X2212-10 1250KV motors
Gemfan Flash 7042 2-blade Propellers
TBS Crossfire Nano
Mamba F40 stack
TBS Unify Pro v2 5V VTX
HAKRC Storm32 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal
JHE M8N GPS Module with Built-in QMC5883 Compass
GY-BMP280-3.3 High Precision Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
Two 5-inch quads almost identical:
Source One
ZMX Fusion X20 2205 2300kv
Gemfan Wind Dancer or Gemfan 5152 two blade props
ESC Racerstar lab 28A
Anniversary Special Edition 4 PCS Racerstar SPROG X 35A
Unify Pro 5V V2
Homebuilt cloverleaf antennas
DYS F4 Pro, Matek System F722-SE
Crossfire Nano RX

FrSky QX7, hall sensor gimbals
Crossfire TX
Fatshark HD3
Realacc RX5808 Split Receiver
ImmersionRC patch antenna
Fatshark skew planar wheel

iCharger X6
SkyRC iMax B6 Mini

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