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Superbike Racer Marcel Irnie tests his students 2019 R1 (2015 to Present Generation) for gearing and ergonomics setup. This is the very first time Pro Marcel Irnie has ridden a Yamaha R1 street or track. Enjoy the live commentary as Irnie learns the bikes handling characteristic and faults. #YamahaR1Review #ridgemotorsportspark #superbikewanderer

Next check out the previous sessions on track, with Irnieracing Sportbike Rider Training “Video Analysis” 2-session format for student Alex Z. (WMRRA Novice Racer) https://www.patreon.com/posts/yamaha-r1-novice-27951083

Session 1 of 2, Irnie analyzed Alex’s problem areas, recording live commentary on track. Next Irnie and his student went over the video footage to analize and discuss Alex’s bad riding habits, incorrect line choices, and how to correct them. Session 2, Irnie initially lead Alex the first few laps using hand signal as reminders of his line choices, and and body setup. Irnie then puts Alex infront to film and note his improvements. Notice Alex’s instant improvement with his body position setup before braking for the corners, and not going ‘center seat’ between the corners. Alex just reduced his body movements by 70% saving energy, and riding safer/correctly at corner entries.

Trackday Rider Training at the RidgeMotorsportsPark w/ Motovixens sportbike trackdays. #superbikewanderer June 17, 2019. #sportbikeridertraining #trackdaycoach

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