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This is my detailed and honest review of MJX Bugs 5W the newest 5G WIFI FPV HD 1080P Camera Quadcopter with new features from MJX RC. In this video you will take a closer look at the Quadcopter and its features, the Radio control, watch the flight testing of all the features, Still shots and videos shot using onboard camera and my final and honest conclusion about the cons and pros of this quadcopter. Watch this video complete to learn all about MJX Bugs 5W good and bad so you can make an informed decision to buy it. MJX Bugs 5W Features Altitude Attitude Hold, GPS Position hold, Auto take off and land, one key auto return to home and land, failsafe RTH and land, Point of interest and Auto follow me features. Its equipped with a 1080P HD Camera that also transmits live video using 5G WiFi. Using the Bugs App you can receive live video to frame your shots and fly the quadcopter and shoot videos and pictures. WiFi Range however is very limited. Camera is mounted on Rubber damping balls to eliminate jello and has got a tilt feature too. 2.4Ghz radio offers two way communication and some of the flight data telemetry as well.

Its a very good quadcopter and very beginner friendly. All the features as advertised work very well. However the auto follow me feature needs some major improvement to shoot smooth video. Its definitely a superb quadcopter and deserves a two thumbs up. Enjoy the detailed video.

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