AOSENMA CG035 GPS Camera Quadcopter Flight Testing12:08

CG035 is by the cheapest GPS Camera quadcopter that you can probably buy in the market. It offers, GPS Position hold, Altitude and Attitude Hold, Auto Return to home and land Failsafe, Follow me and Point of Interest Auto Circle features. It also comes with a pinhole 720P camera that is 2 axis stabilized using 2 servos., but honestly it’s one of the worst camera system and stabilizing Gimbal one can ever imagine. There is no point having it there as it does not record anything (faulty cameras or systems mostly) and if it does record something its jello filled, and extremely shaky due to servos jittering all the time.

Quadcopter and other accessories are made of extremely cheap material and user manual in English is totally confusing due to straight translation from Chinese to English. When will, Chinese Learn English?

Quadcopter and most of its features work simply fine right outside the box and it flies superb. It has brushless motors so it offers ample power and flies just fine in winds. It’s very responsive and easy to fly Quadcopter. However, flight times are extremely disappointing.

All in all, it’s a good try to make such a cheap GPS Quadcopter. But not as impressive as the advertising shows and tricks people into buying it. If you are looking for a cheap quadcopter with GPS features that will carry your light weight SJCAM or other tiny HD camera, CG035 will do but remember to order more batteries.

This is Flight Video Testing Review, Please watch indoor Review on my channel.

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