Full Speed Leader 120 Brushless Micro



FC Schematic:

gearbest aug sale:

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12 Responses

  1. Michael Reyes says:

    Check Frequent Flier’s Channel he found the fix for the brownouts on this model.

  2. DroneRacer101 says:

    So many of these problems. The 3″ do seem to be a little worse. I had issues with the KK 110GT I put an XT30 on it, but with the same wires and just started having all new issues. I’ve had that a couple of times so I would recommend not just replacing the connector most of the time but going in and upgrading the wires all the way to the board. I’ll just plan on that when I review this one. thanks!

  3. William S. says:

    I see you have a similar problem as I did with my custom 110mm micro build. I’m running 1105 6500kv motors with 3 inch rotorx duel blades and 12 amp 4in1 lumenier escs paired with a lumenier micro lux v2 flight controller. I had some serious flip of deaths when I did my los maiden flights. It was absolutely insane. I was running an xt30 with 16 gauge wire on both the quadcopter and the batteries I used were the 3s turnigy 65c, and the 3s Glacier 70c. All I did was raise the minimum throttle from 4.5 percent to 6.5 percent in betaflight and update the firmware for the escs and it just suddenly started working. Although, it seems to work, I’m still anxious every time I fly it.

  4. Ground Control RC says:

    I’m very interest in seeing this fly again with an XT30 connector. I understand from all the comments perhaps that is not the only problem. however, I think it’s pretty obviously a problem. I put xT30 connectors on all my aircraft that are going to pull more than 10amps but less than 30amps. JST’s are not rated for that type of amp draw so I would take care of the obvious problem first then continue to troubleshoot if that doesn’t solve the issue. Thanks for the video and Happy Flying!

  5. GITech says:

    Looking forward to your update on this Andy! Tnx 🙂

  6. WCO lll says:

    Whoever designed this prop and motor combination is a freaking genius! P.s try flashing older firmware, use Multi Shot, set the idle to 1050 and put a capacitor on it.

  7. cLePToxX says:

    hehehe, “…..WHAT !¿?!….”, could image your face ^^ just great 😀

  8. Hippo FPV says:

    Nice Drone but where can I buy the frame if an arm breaks?

  9. jon hoyles says:

    wow that’s really nice Andy and for the price its amazing, question I have a piko blx clone and when I power it with lipo it does nothing any ideas? works with usb mind very strange

  10. David Farmer says:

    Thanks Andy for the review and for the FC Schematic.

  11. Cory Randolph says:

    What gauge wire do you recommend for this size quad with an XT30 connector?

  12. Phil Cogswell says:

    Does the D8 have the range for you to fly all the way to the end of your field?

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