Hawaii Drone Worlds – Second Try02:19

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Got to try a few laps of the World Championship track at the Drone Worlds! Rough laps sure, but laps none the less! This is the 2nd attempt I had time for. Bit rushed, wind was whipping as it had been, and was trying to “go fast” a little…..

Frame: Voodoo 210
Battery: 4S, 1550mah 75C
2205x2300kv Hobbywing Xrotor Motors
Hobbywing Xrotor 20 Amp Speed Control
Props: 5045 – Sometimes Tri, Sometimes Dual, Sometimes Quad 5040.
Flight Control: SPRacing F3 – Betaflight 32khz, 4khz, 4khz.
Radio: Spektrum DX7s, using the Spektrum Serial Satellite
VTX: FX668T 200mw
Antenna: Foxeer Spiro
Immersion Duo 5800 VRX ground station with Mad Musrhoom, and Immersion Mini Patch, or Dual Mini Patch setup, or just off the single Antenna Internal RX.
HD Cam: Session
Pilot Charlie EFFPEEVEE

Hobbywing X-Rotor speed controls and motors:
XROTOR Micro ESC – Drone Racers FPV

Hobbywing North America – Hobbywingdirect.com

Getpropsman.com – 1 stop shopping for all your Prop Needs!

We shop at our local hobby shop, the happiest place on earth, Jake’s Performance Hobbies in Rohnert Park CA. http//www.jphracing.com Virtually everything listed, can be purchased at JPH! Crazy right? It’s true!

Must thank the “Aerials Sports League” for ever introducing me to the world of FPV Racing, and hosting events in my area! ASL! http://aerialsports.tv/

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