My review of the holystone hs510. range test and speed test (Brushless 4K GPS drone)20:08

Hello this is my review of the hs510 drone. Here are the links↘️↘️



Special thanks to Darren chiang for the great costumer service!!

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And here is the description for the 510 drone

4K Super Resolution Photos] It is able to use every single pixel giving you crystal clear photos and film. 5GHz wifi transmission ensure the high-speed real-time image. HS510 is definitely a travel essential.
[GPS & GLONASS] Dual satellite connectivity using both GPS and GLONASS navigation systems, which means the GPS signal is not easily lost outdoors. Along with the optical flow positioning, barometer and satellite systems, ensure the drone has terrific return-to-home point and more precise landing.
[Endless Fun in APP Control] With GPS Follow Me,Point of Interest,TapFly, the aircraft can shoot wonderful aerial shots. You can easily control the drone with your phone. With carrying case, It is much more convenient to carry while travelling.
[Brushless Motor] Brushless motor with aviation propellers for high aerodynamic efficiency, which is more quiet and longevous than brushed motor. Maintenance-free, which makes your flight more enjoyable.
[Portable & Ultralight] This 4k drone has compact design in that the quadcopter arms and propeller blades can be folded. It is small (Folded Dimension:5.59*2.91*2.04) and weighs less than 250g/0.55lbs, you don’t need to register your drone with the government. Nice Choice for Beginners!
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