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Main Quad:
-Dquad Obsession V2 –
-DYS F4 –
-Aikon 3.1 ESC –
-Emax 2306 2400KV –
-Runcam Eagle 2 –
-Tramp HV –
-Frsky XM+ –

2nd quad:
-Xray 200 –
-Betaflight FC3 –
-Aikon 30A V3.1 –
-T-motor F40-II –
-Foxeer HS1190 –
-Tramp HV –
-Frsky XM+ –

Long Range Quad:
-Realacc X6R –
-Matek F405 –
-DYS Aria 35A –
-DYS Fire –
-HS1177 –
-2.4ghz VTX –
-2.4ghz Video Receiver –
furthermore 4S/6S lipo, 6x3x2 props, Dual BN-220 NEO-M8N GPS, Purple softmounts for motor and fc to match colorscheme

-Dinogy Graphene 2.0 –
-Dal Cyclone –

-Reptile S800 non stabilized –

-Wooden deck with a lunchbox and tierips for electronics.
-Enertion mono drive kit – Won’t be produced anymore 🙁
-Turnigy aerodrive sk3 190kv –…
-2x 5S is series for 10S 8000mah ZIPPY Flightmax –…
-Turnigy Super Brain 100A Brushless –…
-12v ledstrip –…
-RX and TX –…
-Separate 3S lipo which powers the ledstrip and the RX via 5v ubec.

I could not find all parts for my skateboard anymore. I would recommend this instead:

-S550 frame –…
-Tarot zyx-m setup –…
-Tarot OSD –…
-Tarot 3DIII gimbal –…
-X8R receiver –…
-8000Mah 4S accu –…

What I use on the ground:
-Turnigy 9X Transmitter with JXT and DJT module – Could not find it anymore
-Fatshark Dominator V3 –…

HD Cam for racequad: Go Pro Session 5, 2.7k, 30FPS
protune: superview, Flat Color, ISO limit 800.

Other shots are filmed with the go pro hero 5 black edition.
2.7K, protune, 400 iso, Flat color, stabalization on, everything else on auto, 48FPS, Liniar (Most of the time)

Feel free to contact me:

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