TAY MODELS Tilt Rotor (TMTR250) Test Flight Quad Copter with Tilting Rotors 250 Size

Designed and Built this Tilt Rotor 250 Sized Quadcopter.

Cant seem to buy them and wanted one. This was its First Flight, Testing the tilt and normal flying modes.

Will be fitting FPV to it and hopefully it will be awesome for fast forward flight with brakes!

3 Flying Modes:
1 – Normal Mode (Acts like a normal Quad, Pitching nose up and down)
2 – Tilt Mode (Tilts rotors approx 45 degrees max and pitch stays level. Roll and Yaw act as normal)
3 – Rate Mode (Stays at the angle you put it at with no tilt on rotors)

Since mixed in a little rear motor speed to stop it slightly dropping its back end in forward flight as seen in video.

Works amazing, well happy with result!!

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