THE Ultimate Tiny-Whoop??? – Racerstar 67000rpm motors, Tri-blades, F3 board, Low-profile, BEAST23:48

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THE Ultimate Tiny-Whoop??? – Racerstar 67,000rpm motors, tri-blades, eachine 010s F3 board, e010s lightened frame, bold-clash F-02 camera === Ridiculous Speed, Control, and Power.

My tiny-whoop has quickly become my absolute favorite quadcopter. This started life as a stock Eachine E010s (see other video for my original reviews and mods), but now it’s a streamlined, speed-machine which can hang with the very best of whoops. These new Racerstar motors, paired with kingkong tri-blades allow for such a high level amount of control. My taranis, with M9 gimbals, mean that this little whoop feels like it’s a part of you when you fly it. I’m in love, and want to preach this BamRamirez Ultimate Whoop gospel.

If you’d like to help me create more awesome content and some more ultimate builds:

If you want to make your own, here are all the parts I used, and some various options:
Stock whoop I adapted:

Motor options:
67,000rmp~ beasts

59,000rpm – originals:

Eachine e010s frame- easy to mod, best to put the camera transmitter at bottom:

Kinkong Tiny 6 kit (comes with frame, camera mount, and tri-blade props) – could let you

Props (just the tri-blades):

Battery options:
The ones I use – (note! I use the mcxp plug on mine! not the micro losi, so these are for the normal e010c, see my other video for the mod, it saves some weight and it’s been an awesome mod for me)

Higher capacity – slightly heavier, weight vs flight time trade-off:

If you just want the flight controller:

Camera (low profile!):

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