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Testing Thrust to weight ratio from the eachine E011 vs E010 mini quadcopter drone

Checking how much more thrust the 716 coreless motor micro from the E011 are giving compare to the eachine E010 6mm mini Rc drone motors

Seen which is the best for flying FPV out of the box and what for different all in one FPV camera it can carry without sacrificing too much flight performance making it a true tiny whoop killer

The lowest weight we can get the E011 to is 25 gram by removing the lego knight, canopy and changing the stock 1s 260mah lipo battery for a high c 150mah upgraded lipo battery giving you the maximum thrust to weight ratio

Still, you like to have at least 15 to 20 grams more thrust than weight to get a good flying mini drone that is not only fast but also can catch each self after a manual flip or a big drop from the sky

The eachine E010 can fly FPV out of the box if you use the most lightweight micro FPV Camera of 3.3 grams

The eachine e011 can use the cheaper and heavier 5gram all in one camera but also the more expensive runcam micro swift cam giving you the best mini FPV experience you can get for the money

+ it works with the multiprotocol Tx module so you can fly with a hobby grade radio straight out of the box without needing to modify or flash a new acro software

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Eachine E011:
Eachine best buy 2017:
Eachine 150mah 1s 45c lipo battery
Multiprotocol Tx module Frsky Turnigy 9x/
RunCam & Eachine Transmitter FPV Combo:
FPV products:

Music by Brandon Liew:

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