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The UDI U818A Quad copter offers 6 axis gyro stabilization and sports a cool UFO look!

The UDI 818A offers new and experienced pilots both a 6 axis stabilized quadcopter that is capable of loops and high speed flight. 2 flight modes offer enhanced performance. Everything you need for alien missions is included in the box. Just add (4) AA batteries for the transmitter.

Speaking of transmitters, the UDI U818A is controlled by a state of the art 2.4GHZ transmitter. You can switch between flight modes by pushing a button on the remote. When you get comfortable with how the quad handles and feels, pushing one button on the transmitter switches the quad to high performance mode for high speed flight. The protective body helps guard against crash and collision damage.
One special feature about this U818A is the onboard camera. You can now film videos and take pictures via controls from the 2.4ghz transmitter. A push of a button allows you to take snapshots or record live footage, media is stored on a micro sd card (not included) up to 8gb.

The U818A features advanced flight stabilization with its built in 6 axis gyro. This keeps the quadcopter level and stable and translates to less control inputs needed from the pilot to maintain a hover. The stabilization system also aids flying in light winds.

The UDI U818A is almost double the size of the U816A. Its the U816A’s bigger brother.

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