Phoenix 2400 Large Electric RC Glider Powered RC Glider Gliding and Soaring over river10:36

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Today there were some winds and I thought I should test how well the Volantex RC 759-3 Phoenex 2400 2.4 meter wing span glider will perform in slight winds. It was absolutely a joy to fly this glider and it gave me very good gliding and soaring performance despite of less winds in the area. I had good climbs on lowest throttles and good soaring today.

Phoenix 2400 is a 2.4m wing span glider. With its new screwless glue free design you can easily add and remove the wings with provide locks. That makes it very easy to carry the glider to the field, assembly takes less than a minute and you can get to flight and soaring straight away. You can also remove the black canopy and reveal a small platform to mount your FPV gear and HD Cameras for FPV Flights. Phoenix 2400 offers plenty of flight time on a single 3S 2200mAh battery and flies absolutely fantastic. Being a 2.4m glider with lots of gliding and soaring ability, this makes it a really nice long range FPV glider. Brushless motor with 40A ESC and folding prop gives enough power for climbing and even for sports flying and aerobatics.

Phoenix 2400 offers absolutely an outstanding gliding and flight performance, fast sports flights and aerobatics performance. This is definitely a two thumbs up product for all Gliders lovers and or RC pilots looking for an easy to fly FPV Platform for long range FPV flights.

* Click & plug Easy Wing Mounting.
* Durable Plastic Fuselage.
* Professional Level Glider.
* Sporty flying performance.

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