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Get KEYI UAV Hero Trainer Plane RTF Kit here

KEYI-UAV Hero is a 1000mm laser cut PP board build, Trainer RC Airplane kit that comes with everything you will need to build it and to fly it. It has built in Self-stability Flight Control system that makes it 100% beginner friendly and even total beginners and newbies can learn to fly RC planes easily with KEYI UAV Hero Trainer plane.

Putting together this kit is pretty straight forward. You do not need to do any extra settings after the build. Just charge the battery, power everything up and start flying. KEYI UAV Trainer plane flies absolutely stable and offers stall free slow flight performance with its stabilization system so newbies and beginners can actually have fun flying it and polish their RC plane flying skills. You can disengage the stabilization system once your skills are good and perform various aerobatics easily with this plane. With stabilization system on, you can even enjoy FPV on this plane.

This plane is very durable as well and takes most of the bumps and crashes with smile. Repairs are just glue and tape and you can get back to flying in no time.

This is THE absolute RC Trainer plane. If you want to learn to fly RC Planes, look no further. Get yourself a KEYI UAV Hero and you will be happier. Enjoy the build and flight video.

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