Cheerson CX20 Quanum Nova QuadCopter Drone Midnight FPV Flight Session Above Pukalani Maui Hawaii06:23

This quad recently got a big price drop and is now right around $230.00 for the highly modifiable open source version shipped free! Here’s the link: If you were looking to buy this, you might want to jump on this deal soon.

First ever FPV and it was at night! Yikes! Steady shot on Sony is off (will be turning on next session), Gimbal needs some configuring to fix bounce at rotation extents. I’m sitting in the park (small red light in blackness of soccer field) for this one and couldn’t see the ground from the quad’s view with my goggle on so I had kinda of a bounce crash at the end. Not sure why but I’m thinking it was because I was in manual mode, it was a bit windy and I wasn’t on the throttle enough. No damage. Gimbal screws just came a bit loose. I’ve since made some mods to gimbal and landing gear to absorb shock and keep the camera up higher off the ground. I’ll have some daytime vids up soon which will show the kinks all worked out. Using quanum fpv goggles. I’ve installed telemetry on the quad and am linking it to my Nexus 6 for audible flight info mounted to controller. I have tapped into the video TX for audio which has a microphone on board and I’ve rigged up the goggles with a headphone jack so I can hear the same audio heard in the video in my headphones while flying. Next up is to install OSD (on screen display) module and a power module so I can have a HUD on the FPV with all the flight info like altitude, airspeed, distance from launch, direction to lauch, voltage, etc. This is a great project and i’m learning alot along the way. I purchased the CX-20 Open Souce (highly modifiable) version from and am happy with the quality, shipping time and customer service. This is a great introductory 350 (phantom) sized quad to get started on for less that half the price. I’ll be putting up some vids on tutorials of setup and how to install all the mods soon…

Let me know if you have any questions

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