Cheerson CX35 Large Altitude Hold FPV Drone Flight Test Review15:44

This large FPV flier includes altitude hold, remote controlled gimbal, long range FPV system, and automatic landing on low battery. Find it here

– Stable altitude hold feature.
– Automatic takeoff and landing.
– 2MP/720p video camera and 5.8 Ghz FPV transmitter and receiver/monitor. Includes a flat panel antenna with excellent FPV reception, advertised at up to 500m..
– Remote controlled, smooth tilting camera gimbal.
– Does not fall from the sky if low battery LED warning is ignored. Instead as a secondary LVC, the quadcopter will enter into a slow descent to a gentle landing. Once it gets close to the ground, the barometer senses ground effect pressure increase to automatically adjust the throttle for a very gentle landing. This feature is actually very impressive, and demonstrated in the above video at 14:07.
– Stable flier, providing relatively smooth aerial video.
– Includes headless mode and one key return.

– Short flight time. Advertised at 7 minutes, but my flights were only a little over 5 minutes.
– Control of the quadcopter is minimal during automatic low power battery descent.
– Although 500m reception range may be possible with its flat panel antenna. But the quadcopter’s controller is only advertised at 100m. Thus you may not really be able to fly FPV out to its maximum reception range as you will likely lose control of the quadcopter.
– Over 250 grams weight, requires FAA registration.

And here is its flight demonstration

Diameter of Blade 20cm
Motor 050-3228
Material ABS
Color Black & Orange/ Black & Green/ White
Product Size 45*45*17cm
Package Size 52.5*12.5*41cm
Total Weight: 1.68kg
Weight of Product 335g
Weight with Fender Bracket 415g
Take-off Weight 405g
Take-off Weight with Fender Bracket 480g
Weight-carrying 50g
Flying Distance about 100M
Flying time about 6-7mins
Battery Power 7.4V 1300mah
Charging time about 3 hours
Camera Pixels 2MP 720P
Video resolution 1280 x 720
Picture resolution 1280 x 720
Transmitter Frequency 2.4G
Channel 4CH
Gyro 6-Axis
Battery: 4 x 1.5V”AA” (not included)
Monitor Size 4.3 Inch
Resolution 480 x 272
Video transmission frequency point 5.8G
Video feedback distance ≥500m

Package Includes:
1 x Charger, 1 x 2G SD Card&Card Reader, 2 x Screwdrivers, 2 x Landing skid, 2 x Manuals (Chinese & English), 4 x Fender Bracket, 6 x Little Screws 1.7x5PA (Fender Bracket*4,Standby*2), 12 x Big Screws 2.3x8PA (Landing skid*4,Camera *2,Fender Bracket *4,Standby *2)

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is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
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