RC Tank Test Ride – Russian T-90, EXTREME MUD BATTLE00:00

Krasse Schlammschlacht mit Modellpanzer, extreme #Mud_Battle with #Russian_T-90 #rc_tank Heng Long, SpielzeugPanzer, Scale Model 1/16;

RC-Panzer, Russland, T90, Heng Long, 1:16 Rauch&Sound PRO Edition (Metallgetriebe, Metallketten, Metallräder)

See more Jeeps, Tractors and Tanks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZApd2pLhEk&list=PLTWOgliK6xgxJFr3oBMQ-6fl8b-DEEAo_

@Pete Ruppert Cinematography toy videos for model builders;

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