MJX XSeries X929H – Altitude Hold, Toy Trainer Quadcopter08:02

The MJX Xseries Quad just came in… What a stable toy quad with altitude hold. This is by far the best micro quad I have flown due to the Altitude hold on it. Other quads I flew last year without altitude hold fly way different. Tiny quads without the altitude hold option fly all over the place and up and down. It’s hard to hold them in one spot. But this one flies on rails around the room. Not bad for around $20. This is way better than the micro Traxxas quad I started with that was a $100.

A few X Series Quads versions available below: Check back soon
if one is out of stock.

Buy the MJX XSeries X929H (White No camera version) here:

Buy the MJX XSeries X909T ( with 5.8Ghz 720p Video and Fpv Camera with Screen on Remote) Here:

Buy the MJX XSeries X919H ( Fpv Video and Smartphone App controlled version ) Here:

Buy the MJX XSeries X929H (no camera version, Black) here:

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