Visuo XS809HW Altitude Hold Folding FPV 720p HD Camera Drone Flight Test Review17:42

This cheap folding FPV drone records relatively good 720p HD video. Throw it in your backpack and take it hiking. Buy it here Spare batteries here NOTE THAT THE CURRENT VERSION NOW BEING SHIPPED ALL CONTAIN THE ALTITUDE HOLD FEATURE. Non altitude hold XS809W have all been sold out.
And also note that there is also a cheaper low resolution 0.3MP version (does not have 720p HD camera). Don’t be a cheapskate, as you will definitely regret it later when you see the poor video that it produces.

– The quadcopter’s arms are foldable to make it very portable, such as in a backpack (similar to DJI Mavic Pro).
– Altitude hold version provides relatively stable flight for more steady video. (Note, the current version being shipped is now only available with altitude hold)
– Excellent flight time of close to 10 minutes.
– Can be controlled and flown via its controller or your smartphone/tablet. Controller buttons are all well labeled.
– Records relatively good quality 720p 20fps HD FPV video directly to a microSD memory card inserted into the quadcopter. Will also record video to your phone via WiFi, however the WiFi transmitted video is of lower VGA resolution.
– Camera lens can be swiveled up (to view sky and horizon), or down (to eliminate props from camera view)
– XSW UFO app is available on Google Play here and itunes here
– Good control and FPV range of about 80 meters.
– Headless mode and one key return.

– Proprietary battery.
– Now only available with altitude hold. Intermediate pilots and above may miss having more responsive throttle control of a non altitude hold quadcopter.

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