Quanum XJ470 Folding Quadcopter: Build, Modifications & Flight Test10:49

This video is intended as an easy reference/reminder. Some screens may change too quickly to see all the detail so you might have to use ‘Pause’. You may also want to view our Flight test with the XJ470 + Tarot T-2D gimbal and a GoPro Hero3 camera: https://youtu.be/aL4Bn7X5fFw
Here’s the Menu:
00.12 – What’s in the box?; 00.50 – Hobbyking parts list & our modification list; 01.09 – All other components used in the build; 02.50 – Build Part 1: The Arms; 04.14 – Build Part 2: The body; 04.56 – Build Part 3: Attach the arms to the body, add the electronics & motors; 05.30 – Build Part 4: Modification: Mount for the ESC’s and the 12V UBEC; 06.11 – Adapting the motors; 06.52 – Build Part 5: Preparing the top plate and the gimbal mount; 07.51 – Build Part 6: Landing Gear; 08.52 – Build Part 7: Adding the Flight Controller, GPS/Compass, top plate etc.; 09.27 – Flight Test: Standard Arducopter ‘X’ quad’ parameters*.

Caution: The supplied carbon fibre rods for the gimbal are too short to fix a Tarot gimbal – they are 90mm long and you will need more than 105mm length of 10mm carbon tube…

Drone specification: Quanum XJ470 frame kit, X8R receiver for a Taranis Tx, Quanum 12V UBEC, RCTimer 5A/5V switching UBEC, RCTimer 40A HVSK OPTO ESC’s, HK annunciator, APM 2.6 Flight Controller (Arducopter v3.2.1), NEO 6 GPS & Compass, HXT60 power loom, folding compass mount, FC anti-vibration mount for flight controller, LiPo battery alarm/monitor, RCTimer HP2814-910kv brushless motors, LED light strips, Tarot 152mm battery trays, various bolts and spacers.
If you wish to buy a tuned and tested XJ470 please visit our website: www.RNDrones.com
*Please note that the flight test footage was conducted experimenting with a foam base for the APM 2.6 and allowed some vibration to get to the flight controller, hence the drone does drift up and down slightly. With the anti-vibration mount used – as shown in this video this problem has been solved. Bad weather means we did not video the final setup, however this will be shown in a later video when we test a Tarot gimbal + GoPro on the XJ470.

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