I know you can’t believe i actually let my boys fly my Quadcopter, but they watch me all the time and beg and beg and beg to try and Im the kinda dad that loves to teach my kids whatever I’m doing if they are willing to learn, so gave in and been teaching them how to fly in safe areas where there is nothing to be hurt or damaged to close by… Except ONE TREE and OUR CAR…

We were at a football and soccer field facility, yet still of course it crashes into the only tree and car close by.. thats how luck works unless your playing the lottery.

I with my boys all the time and teach them all i know… and I know some of you are going to roast me for all the things i could have done to prevent this.. but in the end of the day.. I’m just another dad with his kids teaching them ups and downs of life.. no pun intended. LOL!

Ps… DJI Still works, my gimble feel off the shock absorbers but the phantom still works perfectly…

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    1. Malachi Allen
    2. Phil Steadman

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