🛩️ 7″ Long Range Quad – Step By Step Build22:16

A detailed step by step guide to build a 7″ Mode2 Ghost long range quadcopter. Full instructions on how to wire everything up and program INAV.

The CLI codes:

set small_angle = 180
set nav_rth_altitude = 7000
set failsafe_throttle_low_delay = 0
set nav_rth_allow_landing = ALWAYS
set disarm_kill_switch=OFF
set nav_extra_arming_safety = ON
set report_cell_voltage = OFF
set gps_ublox_use_galileo = ON


1) I originally built this quad using Airbot Wraith mini V2 ESC’s, but these turned out to be crap! The images in this video show me installing these ESC’s, however I replaced them later with the LittleBee Summer ESC’s instead. The wiring is identical.

2) As I mentioned at the end of the video, I’ve noticed some issues with vibration when using 4s lipo batteries. This issue only pops up occassionally, but I hope to solve it. I’ll pin a comment if I fix the problem.

3) You will notice that I downloaded the INAV firmware from the MATEKSYS website rather than load it through INAV configurator like normal. This is because the firmware available through the configurator is faulty. If you flash it, you won’t then be able to connect to the FC.

4) You may notice that the soldering in the 1st part of the video is terrible. I was unlucky to get a really bad batch of solder which wouldn’t melt properly. Later into the build I got a better solder, and re-did the terrible solder joints.

5) I am planning to flash Betaflight to this quad at some point soon to see how it performs with that firmware. I’ll post a video about this when I do.

Music: ‘Memories With You’ by LAKEY INSPIRED

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