99 mph quadcopter | FUN WITH A RADAR GUN10:07

I got the chance to try out a pretty decent radar gun recently. TIME FOR DRAG RACING. One of these copters went 99mph.

The contenders are:

T-Motor F40III 2700kv running DAL Cyclone 5045×3
* https://goo.gl/PSfR1d

Foxeer Datura 2206/2700kv running DAL T5050x2
* https://goo.gl/YhdQxY

Returner R2 2600kv running DAL T5050x2
* https://goo.gl/bto9Sm

All of these are on different quads an different weights. Yeah… that’s not fair. This isn’t a competition though. It’s just good fun.

The radar gun we were using is: http://amzn.to/2f1dg9c

I really expected something so small to have a lot of inaccurate numbers and missed reads, but it was really solid the whole afternoon.

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