Arduino DRONE II Part 1 receiver PWM read10:22

Hi guys. This is a second project of the Arduino based drone. In the past video series we’ve used the MultiWii platform for the flight controller. Now I want to make my own code for the flight controller.

This video series will be divided in a few parts. This is the first one where we read the input signal from a commercial radio receiver. Next we read the IMU data and create the PID algorithm for 2 axis. Finnaly we create the interrupt that will write the PWM signal to 4 ESCs for the motors.

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Radiolink AT10II:

Crealitu CR10:
Anet E10:
4k XIAOMI drone:

Webpage tutorial:
PID video:
PID webpage:
Previous series:
Drone build webpage:
STL files:

Arduino NANO:
LIPO battery:
ESC 12A:
1804 brushless motor:
5030 propellers:
LIPO connectors:
Slide switch:

Drone body: DIY :
Or :

Full schematic:
ESC calibrate:
Lipo connection:
Propeller spin direction:

This part schematic:

–Connect the receiver as shown in the schematic above and upload this example:

One channel example:
Four channels example:
ESC calibrate:

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