Armattan F1-6 T-Motor F80 1900kv Smoother, but still jittery?01:34

Since the last video on this quad I’ve replaced the Cobra 2208/2000kv with soft-mounted T-Motor F80 2408/1900kv. There’s definitely a big improvement, but I’m still getting some nasty jitters that are most obvious when looking at the trees/houses against the sky in the background.

I saw a video where somebody experienced similar looking jitters after moving to DShot & my 210 with the non DShot version of the Radiance (& which I also run on a slower PID loop) flies super smooth even without motor soft mounts or BLHeli_S, so I figured I’d try the same settings. I *think* it felt smoother, but there is still jitter?

Next step in the process of elimination is to swap the old Radiance from the 210 (which I know flies smooth, even on janky old hardware) with the new Radiance DShot version in the F1-6 & see if that improves anything.

I will persevere & cruise smooth eventually!

Armattan F1-6
T-Motor F80 2408/1900kv w/ TBS silicone soft mounts
HQProp 6×4.5×2
30A Spedix (Unmanned Tech Chaos branded)
Furious FPV Radiance DShot w/ Betaflight 3.1.7 w/ soft mount
Runcam Swift 2
ImmersionRC Tramp HV
4S 1800mAh HobbyRC

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