Beta 75x vs. Mobula 7 vs. Acrobee vs. Tinyhawk | MICRO QUADCOPTER ROUNDUP REVIEW28:06

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I’m reviewing four micro quadcopters: the BetaFPV Beta 75X, the HappyModel Mobula 7, the Newbeedrone Acrobee, and the Emax Tinyhawk. Why am I putting all four of these into one review? Because each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, and comparing them back to back really brings that out.


0:00 – Introduction

1:19 – Newbeedrone Acrobee, a “Real Tiny Whoop”. What to love and what to hate about them.

2:41 – The rest of the quads in the roundup. What makes the Beta 75X, Tinyhawk, and Mobula 7 different?

6:27 – Acrobee flight test and commentary.

10:25 – Beta 75X flight test and commentary.

13:09 – Emax Tinyhawk flight test and commentary.

16:50 – Mobula 7 flight test and commentary.

21:36 – Final conclusion and recommendation of which quad is right for which situation.


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