Betaflight 3.5 Rescue Mode12:18

Testing my 6″ Vector after switching from iNav back to Betaflight. This is with all default 3.5 pids and I think it flies really good out of the box but could use some tuning. I notice some mid throttle oscillations (intensified with damaged props) and a bit of wiggle when going thru it’s propwash/coming out of dives. I am not a tuning expert so if you have any tuning suggestions, please tell me in the comments. I think the BF rescue mode worked as I expected. It brought the copter back to me. I thought I’d set the rescue altitude to 25meters (82feet) for these park tests but it ascended to 250-300feet, according to osd, on every test. Perhaps I’ve confusing something? Once activated, it instantly turns towards home then rockets up to the set height. Then heads back to the launch point. Once you get your bearings, flip back to manual control. There are settings for the speeds, altitude and different parameters.

Kinetic Aerial Vector 6″
Matek F722
Aikon 35a 4 in 1 esc
Panasonic 35v 1000uF capacitor
Brother Hobby Avenger 2507 – 1850kv
Holybro GPS/Compass
Runcam Micro Swift 2
TBS Unify Pro 5G8
TBS Triump
TBS Immortal Tee
Hell Gate Buzzer
Pyrodrone 1600mAh 5S
GoPro Session 5

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