Betaflight GPS Rescue Mode | COMPLETE HOW TO27:56

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Betaflight GPS Rescue Mode can save you from losing your quad when you lose video or failsafe. In this complete how-to I’ll show you everything you need to set up Betaflight GPS rescue mode.


1:50 – What is GPS Rescue? What does and doesn’t it do?

3:36 – The GPS receiver. Why doesn’t Betaflight use the magnetometer?

6:18 – How to wire up the GPS receiver to your FC.

7:02 – Where to mount the GPS receiver on your quad.

9:43 – Basic Betaflight setup for GPS.

11:10 – OSD setup to view GPS info.

16:15 – CLI options to tweak GPS behavior.

20:13 – Start testing GPS rescue mode. Set up GPS Rescue Aux Mode.

23:43 – Using GPS Rescue as failsafe.

26:50 – Closing.


Hellgate Vifly FullSpeed battery-powered buzzer to help find your quad after it crashes and ejects the battery:

Why GPS Speed is accurate:

GPS vs Radar Gun

How to set up Betaflight flight modes:

How to calibrate Betaflight accelerometer:


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