City Nights02:58

Now that school is back in session I’m back to flying all of my old campus spots and I forgot how much I enjoy some of them!

Sorry about the random digital breakup, I’m not sure how but all of my raw files off the GoPro all had insane amounts of digital breakup for some reason…

Also, funny story about this session, I showed up and set up on those stairs you see me on at the end, plugged my quad in and when I went into the goggles, I saw someone else’s video feed flying like 20 feet behind me in the towers at the top of those stairs!! Only at Georgia Tech can you go out for a quick session and catch some other random person you’ve never met flying! Made myself a new friend and flying buddy, ripped every one of my packs, and procrastinated doing my circuits homework so it was a good session.

I hope you all enjoy, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! 🙂

My Setup:

QAV-R 6″
Lumenier 2205 2400kv Motors
Lumenier Silk 30A ESC
RaceKraft 5x4x4 Props×4-Race-Prop-Clear-2CW-2CCW_p_3307.html
Lumenier 1300mah 80C Graphene Battery
Lumenier CM-650 Mini Camera
TX5G2R 200mw 40ch vTx
TBS Triumph Antennas
Lumenier LUX Flight Controller
FrSky X4R w/ SBUS
FrSky Taranis
Fat Shark Attitude V3 Goggles
GoPro HERO 4 Silver

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    1. Jhubby-FPV
    2. Jason Faulks
    3. G3R FPV
    4. GAPiT FPV
    5. SlipStriker FPV
    6. Greyspacealien
    7. Jameson Malpezzi
    8. Johnny FPV
    9. Zachry Thayer (A Nub)
    10. Brad “Kamikid” Jacob
    11. WEBB - FPV
    12. Fuzz FPV

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