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this is a complete and gorgeous review which you can say all in one review of SG908 ZLL 2021 brand new model. its filmed at Wardown park Luton United Kingdom. in this view review i will be showing you the flying time of battery which is 3400 milli amps, the horizontal and vertical speed and HD camera review which is 1080p. please note that drone makers says its 4k ultra HD but unfortunately it is not.

the top right screen is a screen recording by iphone and top left screen showing the HD video recorded by drone itself in the SD card. and bottom screen is showing this video recorded by samsung note 20.

as i found the horizontal max speed is 7 meters per second 15.67 miles per hour or 25.20 kilometer per hour. which can be towards any side or forward or back. the vertical speed to gain altitude or ascent speed is 4 meters per second and descent speed from 1 to 2 meters per second.

2. the 3 axis gimbal seems to be working good but video stabiliser has little bit jerk or not stable for professional purpose. the camera makes video which is in front of you on screen. i made this video on different altitudes to give proper information. you may watch it from many angles. its a cloudy day as you can watch this video. the camera is 4k but according to SG908 drone makers but it is making max video size of 1080p. but just bare in your mind that you are getting all these facilities in a budget priced drone. which is not too bad.

3. it can go to its maximum altitude to 120 meters high as the legal flying limit in UK and most of other countries.

4. the remote control range is around 300 to 400 meters in urban areas. but drone makers claims that it has 1.2 kilometers range.

5. SG908 drone hold its altitude nicely in windless conditions.

6. the battery and flight time is really nice. the sg908 drone has slight bigger battery than sg906 pro drone. sg908 drone’s battery gives a flight time of around 27 minutes then the drone lands automatically as low power left in the battery, the full 100% power of drone flight is around 20 minutes. as soon as the battery level gets low then it comes back to its take off point and it still stay in the air but live within the 20 meters of altitude and distance levels. this is for security reasons. because at the low battery level the drone goes to its 50% power. which is very slow. please note that if you are flying in wind then bring your drone close to you within 20 meters of radius because it does not have the power to force the wind. it will fly away if you are flying at 50% of power and in low battery. even GPS will try to bring it back but the power is not enough to come back. so care full here. another good thing is in low battery which is just after 20 minutes of flight. it still flies and controllable but in 50% of power. you can fly it until it lands automatically or until to 0% of battery power. as soon it hits the 0% battery power then drone will show a message on screen that its landing.
i personally like it because of its functions and price tag is low as compare to mid range and high range price tag drones. its more than a toy. the toy drones are which are so basic and costs around from 10 pounds to 70 pounds. the sg908 drone costed me 155 pounds with 2 batteries and a carrier bag. not bad.

Examen complet et approprié du drone SG908 ZLL 2021, batterie + caméra + vol + vitesse + altitude ETC
Kompletny i prawidłowy przegląd drona SG908 ZLL 2021, bateria + kamera + lot + prędkość + wysokość itp.

Revisión completa y adecuada del dron SG908 ZLL 2021, batería + cámara + vuelo + velocidad + altitud ETC

Revizuire completă și corectă a dronei SG908 ZLL 2021, baterie + cameră + zbor + viteză + altitudine ETC
مراجعة كاملة وسليمة للطائرة بدون طيار SG908 ZLL 2021 ، بطارية + كاميرا + رحلة + سرعة + ارتفاع ETC
SG908 ZLL 2021 ڈرون ، بیٹری + کیمرے + فلائٹ + اسپیڈ + اونچائی ETC کا مکمل اور مناسب جائزہ
SG908 ZLL 2021无人机,电池+相机+飞行+速度+海拔ETC的完整和正确的审查
Пълен и правилен преглед на SG908 ZLL 2021 Дрон, батерия + камера + полет + скорост + надморска височина ETC

بررسی کامل و مناسب SG908 ZLL 2021 Drone ، باتری + دوربین + پرواز + سرعت + ارتفاع ETC
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Ulasan Lengkap & Benar SG908 ZLL 2021 Drone, Battery + Camera + Flight + Speed + Altitude ETC

Πλήρης και σωστή αναθεώρηση του SG908 ZLL 2021 Drone,

SG908 ZLL 2021 ड्रोन की पूरी और उचित समीक्षा, बैटरी + कैमरा + उड़ान + गति + ऊंचाई ईटीसी
บทวิจารณ์ที่สมบูรณ์และเหมาะสมของ SG908 ZLL 2021 โดรน, แบตเตอรี่ + กล้อง + เที่ยวบิน + ความเร็ว + ความสูง ฯลฯ SHUBHU Drone 2021

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