Eachine EX5 229 grams Brushless GPS 4K Camera Drone Flight Test Review33:39

This lightweight GPS camera drone does not require registration in most countries. Find it here http://bit.ly/Eachine-EX5

– Mavic Mini clone (in looks only). Impress your friends who wouldn’t know any better 😉
– Weighs only 229 grams, well below the 250 grams registration limit. Again, this drone does not require registration in most countries.
– GPS/GLONASS positioning system plus optical flow makes this drone steady in hover, with very accurate positioning. GPS/GLONASS positioning provides automatic return to home and landing on command, loss of signal, and low battery.
– 1406 brushless motors that should require little maintenance.
– Camera lens can be remotely aimed up or down.
– 7.4V 2200mah battery can provide up to 30 minutes flight time (I got about 14 minutes on a windy day).
– Eachine Pro app provides FPV video, interpolation of 4K video and photos, telemetry information, and advanced features of circle position, follow me,and waypoints. Eachine Pro app is available on Google Play here http://bit.ly/EachinePro and for iOS here http://bit.ly/Eachine-Pro
– Available in two versions: 1000meter version (for 802.11ac WiFi capable phones), and 200 meter version (for phones without 802.11ac WiFi capability).

– The 1000m version of the drone requires use of a phone with 802.11ac WiFi. Before purchasing the 1000m version, verify that your phone does indeed have 802.11ac WiFi (not everybody has such on their phone).
– No stabilized gimbal.
– No SD card recording capability. Video is recorded directly to your phone via WiFi connection to the drone. Expect the usual frozen frames, frame dropping, and low frame rate due to inherent WiFi video recording limitations.
– Camera sensor is not 4K (more likely 720p or 1080p). Instead the video and photos are artificially enlarged (interpolated) to 4K using the Eachine Pro app. This interpolation is extremely processor intensive. Some phone processors are not capable of both conducting this interpolation and then storing the enlarged video to your phone’s memory.
– Successful Interpolation on Android requires a phone with a modern processor. As per Banggood, the absolute minimum required phone processors are Snapdragon 660, Helio P60, Huawei Kirin 710, or Samsung EXYNOS 8890. (But note that my Ulefone Armor 6E phone uses a Helio P70 processor, and it still wasn’t fast enough to process and store the 4K video).
– Much phone memory is required to store the 4K video. Some phones (both Android and iOS) may not have sufficient remaining storage space to save the video.

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