Field test – 2212 2200 Kv with Gemfan 6045 CN prop on 3S09:46

Some flight footage of my 85% RC Powers Su30 V4 testing the 2212/6 2200 kv motor with the Gemfan 6045 carbon nylon prop on 3S as well as giving some of my initial impressions of the FlySky FS-i6 transmitter as it was the first time I had used it at the field. I will be shooting a more detailed video on the transmitter soon.

Today’s setup

Motor –

Prop –

ESC – (all settings left at factory default)

Battery –

More detailed post flight impressions can be found on this blog post

Thanks for watching!

Blue skies and calm winds to everyone!

Park Jet noise…the “other” sound of freedom 🙂



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