Fastest (unofficial) 100m Ascent by a Quadcopter: 1.70 seconds00:07

This will not be submitted to Guinness – more of a practice run… more like too rushed!

Boring video AND as expected, the take off does look SLOW. This is due to the high pitch 5260 props – calculations showed that they would take off a little “slower” than a 5″ pitch prop, but the 6″ pitch would end up winning a 100m race.

Set up: 100m fishing line was taped to the quad and zig zagged along the ground and tied to a whiffle ball. The whiffle ball was secured to the ground. Once the quad got to altitude, the video would catch the moment the ball lurches forward.

XLR frame (details to be unveiled later):
Cobra 2207 2450kv motors
Wraith32 35A ESCs
Tattu 1300mah 5s 75C battery
Joshua Bardwell F4 flight controller
ublox M8N gps
Spektrum DX6E
Lemon rx dsmx
Eachine EV800D
APC 5260 props

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