FPV KWAD BUILD – KissFCv2, KISS 32a, GepRC Mark2, T-MOTOR F40PROv213:54

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This video is intended to help you gain skills you need to build your own fpv quadcopters and familiarize yourselves with what you need to do to have a neat rig setup.

Components used:

Frame: GepRC Mark2 5″ (includes PDB)
Flight Controller: KISS FC V2
Electronic Speed Controllers: KISS 32A
Motors: T-MOTOR F40PRO v2 2400Kv
Video Transmitter: TeamBlacksheep Unify Pro 5v
RC receiver: TeamBlacksheep Crossfire Micro
Fpv Camera: HS1177 (in a runcam case)
Vtx Antenna: AXII UFL Connector

For any help please ask a question in the comments section below and i will gladly help out.

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