How to Build an FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter | ESC Motor Calibration02:39

This is a video in building your DIY, FPV racing drone quadcopter, this will show you how to calibrate your ESC so your motors fly evenly and optimaly! Tune in to see how and comment any questions!

Check out a few good electronics options on a budget!

SP3 Stackable VTX!

This is a video in a video series on how to select parts, and build them into a working FPV drone! Pick the video you need or watch the whole series! You too can learn how to build an FPV racing drone!

How to Build an FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter Playlist

Detailed Component Reviews—IyLmPUevFE5LbNKpYh6f

How to build the Cheerson CX117

Top Ready to Fly Camera Drone Reviews!

Tired of building? Relax and watch some HD drone cameras!

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