iFlight Alpha A65 65mm 1S Tiny Whoop RC FPV Racing Drone02:52


If you are a beginner and looking for a cheap FPV Whoop that performs, iFlight Alpha A65 will do the job. Its very easy to setup, has very good power and punch on 1S and offers good flight times. Its a good whoop to start your FPV Whooping adventures indoors or outdoors. Beware thought, the main board does over heat during flight so best to keep it moving at good speeds.

iFlight Alpha: http://tiny.cc/2zkosz
Insta360 go: http://tiny.cc/7xyosz
Fus X111 Pro CineWhoop: http://tiny.cc/fzussz
RadioMaster TX16S: https://bit.ly/30GmwTN
RadioMaster TX16S: http://tiny.cc/vqsbsz

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