JJRC X1 Brushless Sport Quadcopter Drone Review – Part 2 – [FlightCRASH Test]16:34

Here is Part 2 “Flight Test” of my multi part review of the JJRC X1 brushless quadcopter you can find here: http://tinyurl.com/hhlqunf JJRC super sale for a limited time http://goo.gl/iWLIlW

In this video I go through a thorough flight while going through the controls and features, hard flying and also do some crazy crashing to test durability.

Thought I should clarify the way to activate Headless and Return to home mode after doing some flight time testing tonight. First you must go into Headless by clicking the top left trim looking button to the down position, once in headless you push up on same button to activate Return Home. Moving the right stick at anytime during it’s return will cancel and continue with headless. You must click down on the button again to exit headless mode. Hope this helps. I wasn’t sure the exact process in the flight vid since it activated by accident.

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