I went to one of my favorite new spots and got a bit careless.
TIP – use the Youtube options to watch in slowmo. the first clip is slowed,the rest is normal speed

After crashing the quad i tried to recover it but ended up falling down the steep hill, landing on a rock and then tumbled into the river. The current was more powerful than i thought but i got up from the river, i dried my hands and used the Taranis signal strength to pinpoint the location more accurately. When the quad ran out of juice i packed up my stuff and walked to my car and drove home.
I went to the doctor the day after and she told me i had a bleeding in my left knee and that i was lucky that i did not break my shoulder and that i also have a broken rib.

A few days later my sister offers to help me get the drone and with the help of our dad and some climbing equipment she gets the drone for me, here is a picture of the location, the drone is marked with a red ring.

My MultiGP page –


FrSky Taranis X9D
Antenna Mod
M9 Gimbals

Fatshark HD v3
Realacc RX5808
TBS Triumph antenna
TBS 5dBi patch antenna

Speed Addict 210-R
FrSky X4r SBUS
RMRC dodo FC @ 4k/4k w/ Betaflight 3.1.6
TBS Bulletproof 25A w/ Dshot 600
EMAX RS2205s 2300kv
Dal T5046c & HQ V1s
Runcam Swift 2 w/ gopro 2 lens
TBS unify pro 5v
TBS triumph
Drone lab Chaos edition 1500mAh
GoPro Session 5 w/ 35° tilt
Plenty of epoxy and liquid tape for waterproofing
All Up Weight – one does not ask a lady her weight

–Ground Station–
Fieldview 777 screen
Quanum RC540R receiver
TBS Triumph antenna
Aomway 11dBi 7 turn helical antenna
Multistar 1400mAh 3s lipo
A small flexible tripod


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